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Mitch Jury
Bellyfish Cafe Terrigal
I met Rodney at a time when I desperately needed to introduce changes in the way that I ran my business.  
I own and run a very busy Cafe, so I needed to make systematic changes in order to simplify and streamline the way it operated and more importantly, to free up my time so that I could focus more on the day to day running of the business.  I also needed someone who was up to date with technology and who could recommend better and more efficient ways to run my business.  I was looking for someone who had the answers to my problems and after working with Rodney for over 2 years now, I feel extremely relaxed and confident,  just knowing that he is there supporting me in my business. 
Rodney is our In-House Accountant who supports our business on so many levels and it has certainly proven to me just how important it is to have a Qualified and Professional person on board managing our Bookkeeping, Payroll and business Finances.  I truly believe that in business you need to surround yourself with people who have more experience and knowledge in business than you do and to also have someone who can mentor and guide you through those tough decisions and to help you put things into perspective,  and with Rodney,  I have certainly found that person.   
Rod has great systems and processes that truly assist our business and I look forward to our meetings each Week to discuss business and where we are at.  He has developed a great roster costing system for our business that tells me exactly my labour costs, sales percentages, on a daily and weekly basis, and he also helps me with employment matters, contracts and a lot of other areas.  
I can highly recommend Rodney to any business owner who is looking for growth and who may be looking for a stronger level of Business and Bookkeeping support.
Matt Moon,
Moonscape Construction & Garden Design
I engaged the services of Rodney from Organised Accounting Solutions 10 years ago when I needed assistance in both setting up and running an efficient bookkeeping system for my busy landscaping business located on the Central Coast.
Up until that point, I was struggling trying to handle the books and run my own business at the same time, which I virtually found impossible to do.  I had no prior background knowledge in accounts and bookkeeping and just didn't know where to begin.  I had heard many horror stories of businesses taking on cheap bookkeepers who claimed to be experienced only to find out later,  they had made a complete mess of their books,  costing them $ 1000's to fix.   I did not want that experience, so I was very nervous on what to do but I had heard many great reports about Rodney at OAS, so I decided to give him a go.  It has been 10 years now and I can honestly say,  it is the best decision I have made for my business.
Rodney was able to advise me on the best bookkeeping system suitable to my industry and streamline all my accounts.  He now manages my books on a full-time basis, as well as offering additional admin and business services.  He has also been a great business mentor for me personally.  
I honestly don't know where I would be today without Rodney and his team.  They have made a world of difference to my business and I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Michael Frost
Cold Rock Icecream Terrigal

Over the past 3 years, Rod and his team at OAS have been of great benefit to our business... From our initial contact I knew Rod's approach was right, in providing accurate and timely results and at the end of the day add as much value as possible to our business... In today's fast paced, ever evolving marketplace you not only need people whom you can trust with your business but also knowing they can do the work right the first time and with Rod we've found this kind of fit. In fact he has often exceeded our expectations with his meticulous approach of delivering accurate record keeping and to say he goes the extra mile is definitely an understatement... I would have no hesitation in recommending Rod from OAS to anyone looking for assistance and expertise, in the area of accounting or bookkeeping!! Michael Frost Retail Operator.

Tony & Julie Downman
Elevate Pty Ltd

Organised Accounting Solutions have managed our books since 2008 and have proved to be an asset to our company. Rodney is always on time with any work he is given and provides us with the most up to date advice in all areas of our business. We can call Rodney for advice at any time and he will always promptly get the information we require. We receive so much more from Rodney than just straight bookkeeping.  Our company depends on his advice and recommendations in so many areas of our business in order to make it run smoothly,   including employment and staffing issues, GST and Superannuation matters.  We would recommend Rodney to any company that needs a professional and prompt solution to all of their bookkeeping & accounting needs.

Michael Flanagan
Optimise Wealth Management Pty Ltd

We have been associated with OAS since commencement of our  Financial Planning business in January 2002.

Rodney has been instrumental in setting up and maintaining our bookkeeping and accounting needs and has played a big part in converting our business from a husband and wife partnership to a rather substantial corporate business, which it is today.

We utilise the “Virtual Bookkeeping” service which is very convenient for our business.  We scan our own documents and OAS upload the Pdf files each month from our VPN (Virtual Private Network).  They handle all of our processing, reconciliations, BAS, IAS, Payroll and Quarterly Financial Analysis and they also communicate directly with our Tax Accountants and provide them with everything they need at year end.

So, if you are looking for an all-round bookkeeping and accounting service, one that is friendly and professional,  I can certainly recommend Organised Accounting Solutions, they have made a world of difference to our business.

Glen James
Fortify Financial

I rarely give a 5/5 review, but in this instance - I must. I could not run my business without the support of Rod and I encourage others who are looking for a professional to manage the books of their business, to give Rod a call. He is onto it and understands accounting concepts. Glen James, Director, Fortify Financial.


Ken Ticehurst – Managing Director KATTRON
Rodney fulfills his business claim of organising the accounts of a clients business. He has taken control of disorder & produced a much better managed set of accounts for my company. From Excel & MS Money he has introduced Xero cloud accounting where I can view the situation from anywhere, even my smartphone. Skilled in Excel, Xero & MYOB Rodney exemplifies diligence, commitment & trustworthiness. Rodney has handled my accounts in Xero & completed BAS returns for the past two years as well as providing detailed accounts for annual tax returns. to my accountant. He is totally trust worthy & reliable. I have no hesitation in recommending Rodney to SME or larger company.

Brian Weal
Principal (CPA)


I am pleased to provide this reference for Rodney Pye who is the owner and director of Organised Accounting Solutions Pty Ltd.

I have been associated with Rodney and Organised Accounting Solutions Pty Ltd since April 2001, when he commenced as Bookkeeper and internal Accountant for a number of clients of our accounting practice.

Rodney is responsible for maintaining the internal accounting functions for these clients and has demonstrated an excellent level of skill and knowledge with MYOB Software and a tremendous understanding of accounting principles.

I have been engaged in Public Practice for a period of 17 years and am a Principal partner of WHK, a public listed Accounting Firm.  I have extensive experience in business accounting and taxation and can therefore honestly attest to the quality and proficiency of work produced and demonstrated by Rodney and Organised Accounting Solutions Pty Ltd.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rodney and Organised Accounting Solutions Pty Ltd to any person or business seeking a professional bookkeeping and in-house accounting service.

Justice Francois Kunc
Supreme Court Judge


As a busy sole practitioner, keeping my accounts up to date and preparing the quarterly BAS is not something I have time to do.  Over the last several years I would have been lost without Organised Accounting Solutions.  Rodney is efficient, accurate and trustworthy – as well as being a great person to get to know – and works well with my accountant in keeping my financial affairs in order. I cannot recommend him too highly.

Glenn Day
Electrical Industries Pty Ltd


I have worked with and been associated with Rod and OAS since 2002.  I own and run a very busy Commercial Electrical Contracting business.  OAS helped us establish our new company and then took on the responsibility of managing all of our day-to-day Accounting and Bookkeeping responsibilities onsite for the first three years.  Rod mainly oversees the Accounting function nowadays, which he does quite efficiently through Remote Access.

We have opted for the ‘Financial Analysis’ service which provides both support to our small Admin & Accounts team and also includes monthly Profit & Loss Reporting, KPI’s, management of Payroll, Cashflow analysis, preparation and electronic lodgement of our IAS and BAS.

The great aspect about Rod and OAS is the overall support they provide, which, for a small business owner is so important.  Whether it relates to MYOB, our computers, staffing issues, or simply nutting out solutions for our business, Rod, with his ‘Can Do’ attitude is always there to help.

Domenic Romeo
Chartered Accountants


As a Chartered Accountant I have been associated with Rodney for several years working with him in his capacity as book keeper and internal Accountant for a well known business franchise.
 Rodney is professional, proficient and is a pleasure to work with.  He is proactive and competent, his greatest assets are his reliability in attending to queries in an efficient manner and his consistency in applying a high level of skill and expertise to his work.
 He has made my work that much easier and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any business.

Geoff Parsons
Video Ezy Franchisee - Woy Woy & Umina


I first approached OAS in March 2001 after the retirement of my long-term business partner, whose role it was to oversee and manage the finances of the business.

OAS came on board in April 2001 and brought with them a completely fresh and new approach to the way my company had previously handled its Accounting and finances.

The first thing they did was convert our bookkeeping and payroll processing to MYOB and as we have two stores, they created a job number system which has been invaluable when analysing the performance of each shop.  They initiated electronic banking for staff pays and emailing of Pay Advices to staff.  OAS has also streamlined our BAS lodgements and has also created a very useful Roster System that helps manage our fortnightly staffing budgets.

I have personally known and worked with Rod every Thursday for over 12 years, he is honest and extremely reliable and after he leaves our office, our books are balanced and reconciled to the minute.

OAS comes with my highest recommendation for anyone looking for a complete financial package.

Vince Cammareri
All Pro Automotive Pty Ltd


Rod (OAS) was referred to us from a friend and mutual business colleague.  He took over as our bookkeeper and Internal Accountant in Feb 2003, following the resignation of our then bookkeeper, who unfortunately left the business without notice.  Our Mechanical business was understandably thrown into utter chaos as our previous bookkeeper had left many areas unfinished, so, we had no idea where we were at and what state our accounts were in.

Rod stepped in and sorted everything out and we were back on track in no time.  OAS pretty much handles all of our accounting needs, including Payroll, reconciliation of Accounts, IAS , BAS, Workers Compensation, Superannuation etc ….  Rod has helped us sort out a number of important issues including a hefty GST debt, Staff and Award issues, he also helped us resolve a major problem we were having with our Tax Accountant at the time.  

OAS offers a great all round accounting service, they have great support staff, their systems and procedures are professional and simple to follow and you don’t need a ‘second mortgage’ to pay for the service !  We negotiated a very reasonable monthly Fixed Price Agreement, which suits the cashflow of our business.

On a personal level, Rod is a great bloke !  Nothing is a hassle, he is honest, easy to talk to, he never makes me feel silly or embarrassed when I ask a simple or  “dumb” question and he always speaks to me in a language I can understand.

We always have peace of mind in knowing our books are correct and up to date.  It is one of the best things that has happened to our business and I can’t recommend OAS enough.

Joseph & Rosemarie Mondal
Bakers Delight Franchisee


We have utilised the services of Organised Accounting Solutions Pty Ltd since we commenced our business in January 2003.

This was our first business so we had very little knowledge of what was required in running a business and maintaining proper bookkeeping and accounting records.  Organised Accounting Solutions was referred to us through another business colleague who was very happy with their service.

We utilize their offsite 'Pick Up and delivery' service, and through their easy to follow Monthly Systems and Procedures, it has been both efficient and convenient for our particular business needs.

Rodney (the owner) has also been a tremendous support to our business in other areas such as  Payroll and Award matters, and his general business knowledge, has helped us on many occasions, including our decision  to  purchase a second Franchise business.

We are very happy with the friendly and professional service provided by Rodney and his team at Organised Accounting Solutions and we have no hesitation in recommending them to any business with an enthusiasm to succeed.....

Peter Hesse (CPA)
PDH Accounting Services Pty Ltd


I have known Rodney since September 2001, and in that time have built up a close professional relationship with Rod.

I have seen Rod build a dedicated team around him who strive for, and achieve excellence in all services provided.

Rod’s attention to detail and refusal to settle for second best means he demands quality and earns the respect of all who know him.

On a personal level, I know Rod’s loyalty and trustworthiness are above reproach.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rod as an ideal team player and therefore an asset to whomever engages his services.

I welcome the opportunity to provide more information if required.

David Dixon
Strand Publishing Pty Ltd


In February 2002 our accounts ‘system’ was a chaotic stack of papers in an archive box.  Working out our GST was like reinventing the wheel every quarter and our tax obligations were as unpredictable as the lottery.

Our brief to Rodney at OAS was to organise and computerise this mess, so we could have all the facts and figures at our finger tips.  Since then, Rodney and his team have brought order to chaos and truly revolutionised our business.

I now have peace of mind because I have an accurate, up-to-the minute picture of our financial position, debtors, creditors and tax obligations, at the push of a button.  Our External Accountants have also commended OAS for their efforts and professionalism, because they no longer have to tear their hair out when I walk through their doors.  Accounting issues are no longer a source of stress and anxiety because Rodney and his team have everything under control, which has freed me up to confidently grow our business.

I especially value our connection with OAS because Rodney is committed to personalised, high-level customer service.  He is always available to answer questions and offer advice and is committed to the success of our business.

I enthusiastically recommend Rodney (and OAS) to anyone who wants, or is in need of, a professional Bookkeeping and Accounting service. It will definitely make a difference to your business.