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FAQs - About Online Accounting Support

A Professional Bookkeeping service is one that employs only qualified and experienced bookkeepers who have completed the required training and education in order to provide you with a trustworthy, efficient and accurate bookkeeping service.

As a business owner, we know at OAS that you're also looking for that “Peace of Mind” when it comes to outsourcing your books and that's why all of our services come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our professional bookkeepers are highly experienced in many areas of business finance and bookkeeping, so they become an invaluable asset to your business and provide you with excellent value for money.

Formal qualifications are also now a mandatory requirement under current BAS Agents Legislation, so it is very important that you protect yourself and your business by only dealing with a Qualified Bookkeeping service.

Employing a fulltime bookkeeper can be very costly for business owners, who have to cover expenses such as annual leave, sick leave, superannuation and workers compensation etc. If your bookkeeper is away from the business for any length of time, you may also face issues of lost productivity.


Outsourcing your Bookkeeping and Payroll functions is a highly cost-effective business solution that allows your business to continue functioning smoothly, without interruptions, while your books are being managed by a professional.


Our advice to clients is simple:  If you have a vision for growth and success for your business, then "focus on what you are good at and outsource the rest" to professionals who can help you achieve your goals. All of your bookkeeping and financial data is frequently backed up and is readily available and accessible to you at any time you need it.

With a Qualified Bookkeeping service like OAS, you also have the added benefit of knowing your books are being managed by a qualified and experienced bookkeeper with over 20 years experience.

Absolutely not.  Whilst OAS is a qualified bookkeeping service with excellent knowledge of tax, we are not here to replace your Tax Accountant.  Instead, because we specialise in quality bookkeeping and accounting support, your Tax Accountant is our strongest ally.  

You may also find that your Tax Accountant is generally not involved with the ‘nuts n bolts’ of day-to-day bookkeeping.  They simply want to know that the books are accurate and trustworthy and that they can be relied upon when providing business and tax advice to their client.  

Our objective is to work with your Tax Accountant to make their job more efficient and productive and contribute to bringing you a high quality and great value for money service.  

The short answer is you don't !  But when your car needs a service you don't think twice about taking it to a qualified mechanic ! and you certainly don't think twice about seeing a qualified doctor when you are sick !

At OAS, we know that bookkeeping is much more than just data processing, and from your perspective as a business owner, you should never treat it that way.  There is far more involved in the bookkeeping process and much more you can get out of it in order to assess and grow your business.  An experienced bookkeeper is truly an 'Investment' in your business and as an Accountant of more than 20 Yrs, Rodney at OAS, can help you achieve great results through financial analysis & reporting, bookkeeping audits & health checks, Payroll help, BAS Lodgements and more ....

So, if you are looking for a professional who is 'more than just a bookkeeper' or if you simply want better support and 'peace of mind' with your bookkeeping, then you have come to the right place at OAS.

One of the biggest challenges for a business owner is  knowing whether or not their bookkeeper is doing a good job or simply being honest.  The quality of your books is not always easy for you to determine, especially if you do not know what you are looking for or if you do not have the right systems and procedures in place to protect your business.

For this reason, OAS offers a convenient Bookkeeping Audit Service, to help business owners manage their bookkeeper and bookkeeping system.  Our bookkeeping audit can bring you that much needed 'Peace of Mind' and we can complete the service either on-site, remote access or online (through the cloud). At the end of the audit, we provide you with a full summary and action report, with suggestions and recommendations on how you can improve your bookkeeping processes.

For more information on how our bookkeeping audit works, please contact us or visit our Bookkeeping Audit page

The OAS office is located at Chittaway Bay on the Central Coast, NSW Australia.  However, this does not deter us from providing excellent and efficient bookkeeping services to a range of clients across Australia. 

No matter how close or how far away you are, OAS is here to help you manage your books.  We work with clients everywhere, from the Central Coast  to Sydney to  Western Australia.   We even support one client in Lord Howe Island via Cloud Bookkeeping.  We communicate with our clients via phone, email, post, Skype and remote access, so location is not an issue.  

You may also be interested in our Records Management service ....

Bookkeeping today is fast becoming a specialised profession, so the first thing you need to look for in a bookkeeper is qualifications and also a proven track record of experience.  Under current legislation a qualified bookkeeper is one that has achieved a minimum of a Certificate IV in Bookkeeping (the entry level for becoming a BAS Agent).  It is also important that the bookkeeper is a member of an approved Professional Association such as the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, Institute of Public Accountants etc.  Also, to be a proficient and competent bookkeeper the candidate must possess at least two years working experience which can be backed up with written client references.

At OAS we satisfy all these requirements which is also backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Not a problem. We can do as much or as little as your business needs. Our systems and procedures are very flexible and adaptable to your business requirements, which is made so much easier today with email, remote access and skype etc …

We offer two Payroll Services.

1). As an integral part of our Bookkeeping Services and

2) As an independent Bureau style service.

With both facilities you will receive a full payroll management service which includes:   initial setup of payroll records, pay rates, processing of timesheets, generation of pay advices, management and payment of Superannuation and much more ....

For more detailed information please go to: Payroll in our services area.

Yes. We have over 20 years experience working with MYOB, so we have a very good understanding of what is required. We will review your current setup, including your Chart of Accounts, Payroll, Inventory (if required), etc …. We will then work with you and also liaise with your Tax Accountant in implementing the relevant changes and improvements to your Accounting file. For more information please go to: MYOB Training & Support in our services area.

Absolutely. Just call our offices on 1300 OAS 000 or 0407 419 169 to arrange an Obligation Free Consultation, where we will be happy to explain the process and what we can also do to help in setting up and managing your bookkeeping system and any other areas that will help make your business a success.

Each of our testimonials are from legitimate and verifiable sources and include, both business clients of Organised Accounting Solutions (OAS) and Public Tax Accountants of whom we have successfully worked with for many years. If you have a genuine interest in our services, we can arrange a confidential appointment for you to speak with one of our clients or Public Tax Accountants.

Distance is no longer an issue now with the internet, email, remote access and Cloud Bookkeeping.

We have been working successfully with clients in Queensland for almost 6 years and we have recently acquired a client in Lord Howe Island. We are also negotiating with an Australian business client currently based and operating his business from Holland. Information and paperwork can be easily scanned and transferred via email or through remote access software or stored on our Website.  No matter where your business is located, either locally on the Central Coast NSW or interstate in Australia, we can help and support your business.

Yes, we have setup and managed the bookkeeping systems for several leading Franchised businesses including; Video Ezy, Bakers Delight, Michel’s Patisserie, The Coffee Club and the Shaver Shop. We are also very familiar with the monthly Head Office reporting requirements of each of these Franchises

Yes, MYOB Training & Support is an important service that we provide. We mainly focus however, on “One-on-One” training rather than in groups, as our experience has proven that clients receive much greater value for money when the training is specific to their business. We do however encourage our clients who opt for the Training and Support to also register for our Bookkeeping Audit service. MYOB Training can be provided on site or via Remote Assistance.

We have developed a very unique document scanning service for clients who have a successful, developing business but who also either have limited ‘physical space’ or do not necessarily require commercial premises in order to run their business. Like with every business however, large or small, there are Government Compliance issues relating to the retention of Tax and other business records. For Sole Traders it is 5 years and Companies it is 7. That is a lot of paperwork if you don’t have the space. So, we are working with clients to create a ‘paperless office’ through the scanning of documents, invoices, receipts, finance documents which are carefully filed and stored in digital format and stored on our backup server, with additional copies provided to you our client. For more information please refer to Scanning of Documents.

You may have a business that is small now but looking to expand your operations. Maybe you are looking to move from a Sole Trader to a Company, perhaps even considering merging or taking over another business. It may also be as simple as the business has experienced rapid growth, or you just want an ‘experienced’ eye to run over the numbers. Which ever one of these scenarios applies to you and your business, we can help. For more information please go to: Financial Analysis and / or Bookkeeping Audit in our services area.

We have experience in a number of different industries and business types but ideally we are suited to businesses with a Turnover of between $100K - $5M. Having said that, don’t be concerned if your business has not quite reached $100K or if it has gone over $5M because our main objective and motivation is to help clients realize their business dreams, so if you are serious about the success and growth of your business, then we are serious about helping you !

Yes. We have two highly reputable Sydney Barristers on our client data base and we have worked with both doctors and surgeons. Professionals are ideally suited to the type and quality of service we provide, because they are extremely busy people, and their main interest is the “Peace of Mind” of knowing the job is being completed correctly, professionally and without hassle ! Also, because our hours of business are flexible, they have the peace of mind of knowing they can contact us after hours if they have any concerns or questions.

Those clients who fall outside the “general” parameters as outlined at question 18. 

It may also seem obvious, but we are also not interested in working with clients who deliberately ask us to act dishonestly or illegally in the processing and management of their bookkeeping. Having said that, this is not to be confused with our ability or capacity to exercise discretion, as this is required from time to time. We are more referring to where a client blatantly requests that we perform an illegal act that would otherwise implicate either the client, OAS or jeopardise the credibility and integrity of the service we provide.

In simple terms, a BAS Agent is a person or entity qualified and registered under TASA 2009 (Tax Agent Services Act 2009) to prepare and lodge Business Activity Statements, Instalment Activity Statements etc for a business.  Also, as a BAS Agent (OAS) can lodge your Activity Statements electronically, which allows you more time to organise your paperwork and to make the payment to the ATO.

For more information please go to BAS in our services area.

Yes, Rodney Pye (Director) is Diploma Qualified in Accounting, a Fellow Member of Institute of Public Accountants and a Registered BAS Agent. The Company, Organised Accounting Solutions Pty Ltd is also registered as a BAS Agent.

We have affectionately named this “Messy Backlogs” and is one of our specialties. We take great pleasure and pride in helping clients to restore order to their “messy bookkeeping” . Our record so far is 6 years, so we encourage any business who is behind with their bookkeeping, to “Act Now” and not put it off any longer.  

We respect and can appreciate that there are many reasons why your books are behind and in a mess, but we are “Not” here to judge or criticize, we just want to help ! The ATO is far more cooperative and understanding when you act proactively to fix the problem and it ‘can’ also put us in a much stronger position if we are dealing with late BAS lodgements and payments. 

So if you have been putting it off because you are embarrassed or ashamed, or whatever the reason may be, this is now your chance to do something about it, so stop putting it off and call us now on:  

Toll Free: 1300 OAS 000  or  Mob: 0407 419 169 to organise a FREE No Obligation Consultation.

Our Fees are very competitive, especially given the quality of the service provided.  Our primrary motivation is to attract clients who are seeking a quality and professional service, one that is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and one that allows you as a business owner to sleep at night !  As also outlined, we are “Not” just bookkeepers, we are professionals eagerly waiting to help and support your business, through its growth and development.

Now, as honesty & integrity plays an extremely big part of our business, I am going to be completely upfront with you … If you are simply looking for a basic bookkeeping service, then we know that there are cheaper services available. So, if your motivation is based essentially on price and you are simply shopping for a cheap service, then we are probably not right bookkeeping service for you. If on the other hand you are looking for a professional service who is keen to work with you and to help you on your journey to business success, one that will provide extremely good value for money, then you have come to the right place.

For more information please click on Fees in the tool bar

We have created many advanced business and financial models in Microsoft Excel. For an obligation free Consultation and or quotation, please contact us on: Toll Free: 1300 OAS 000 or Mob: 0407 419 169.

We respect and understand that many businesses demand very long hours, especially for retailers and professionals. Our Business hours are flexible and have therefore been tailored to accommodate those busy businesses who may need to contact us after hours.

We are not a Debt Collection Company but as part of our bookkeeping services, we can assist our clients with very discreet debt collection services. We do this with routine Monthly Debtors Statements and we will also make telephone collection calls as the client’s “Accountant”, and once an account has gone past the client’s trading terms. In order for us to assist with Debt Collection services, clients need to register for one of our Bookkeeping Services or our Bookkeeping Audit Service.

Important Dates

BAS Lodgement Dates
1st Quarter 28th Oct 2019
2nd Quarter 28th Feb 2020
3rd Quarter 28th April 2020
4th Quarter 28th July 2020
OAS Lodgement Dates
1st Quarter 25th Nov 2019
2nd Quarter 28th Feb 2020
3rd Quarter 26th May 2020
4th Quarter 25th Aug 2020
Lodge and Pay your Staff Super Contributions by: 
28th July 2019
28th Oct  2019
28th Jan  2020
28th Apr  2020
TIP:  Make your payment at least 10 days before the above dates to avoid the Super Guarantee Charge.

What our clients say...

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    I met Rodney at a time when I desperately needed to introduce changes in the way that I ran my business.  
    I own and run a very busy Cafe, so I needed to make systematic changes in order to simplify and streamline the way it operated and more importantly, to free up…
  • Glen James
    Fortify Financial

    I rarely give a 5/5 review, but in this instance - I must. I could not run my business without the support of Rod and I encourage others who are looking for a professional to manage the books of their business, to give Rod a call. He is onto it and…

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    All Pro Automotive Pty Ltd


    Rod (OAS) was referred to us from a friend and mutual business colleague.  He took over as our bookkeeper and Internal Accountant in Feb 2003, following the resignation of our then bookkeeper, who unfortunately left the business without notice.  Our Mechanical business was understandably thrown into utter chaos as our previous…

  • Domenic Romeo
    Chartered Accountants


    As a Chartered Accountant I have been associated with Rodney for several years working with him in his capacity as book keeper and internal Accountant for a well known business franchise.
     Rodney is professional, proficient and is a pleasure to work with.  He is proactive and competent, his greatest assets are his reliability…

  • Joseph & Rosemarie Mondal
    Bakers Delight Franchisee


    We have utilised the services of Organised Accounting Solutions Pty Ltd since we commenced our business in January 2003.

    This was our first business so we had very little knowledge of what was required in running a business and maintaining proper bookkeeping and accounting records.  Organised Accounting Solutions was referred to…

  • Justice Francois Kunc
    Supreme Court Judge


    As a busy sole practitioner, keeping my accounts up to date and preparing the quarterly BAS is not something I have time to do.  Over the last several years I would have been lost without Organised Accounting Solutions.  Rodney is efficient, accurate and trustworthy – as well as being a great person…

  • Glenn Day
    Electrical Industries Pty Ltd


    I have worked with and been associated with Rod and OAS since 2002.  I own and run a very busy Commercial Electrical Contracting business.  OAS helped us establish our new company and then took on the responsibility of managing all of our day-to-day Accounting and Bookkeeping responsibilities onsite for the first three…

  • Geoff Parsons
    Video Ezy Franchisee - Woy Woy & Umina


    I first approached OAS in March 2001 after the retirement of my long-term business partner, whose role it was to oversee and manage the finances of the business.

    OAS came on board in April 2001 and brought with them a completely fresh and new approach to the way…

  • Brian Weal
    Principal (CPA)


    I am pleased to provide this reference for Rodney Pye who is the owner and director of Organised Accounting Solutions Pty Ltd.

    I have been associated with Rodney and Organised Accounting Solutions Pty Ltd since April 2001, when he commenced as Bookkeeper and internal Accountant for a number of clients of our…

  • John Pulella ACA
    Banyan Consulting


    Rodney at OAS, has looked after our client in the food and hospitality industry for almost 4 years.
    He brings a level of understanding not found in purely from bookkeepers. This makes it easy for us to work with him.
    We are then able to more effectively add value to our…

  • Michael Frost
    Cold Rock Icecream Terrigal

    Over the past 3 years, Rod and his team at OAS have been of great benefit to our business... From our initial contact I knew Rod's approach was right, in providing accurate and timely results and at the end of the day add as much value as possible to our…
  • Michael Flanagan
    Optimise Wealth Management Pty Ltd

    We have been associated with OAS since commencement of our  Financial Planning business in January 2002.

    Rodney has been instrumental in setting up and maintaining our bookkeeping and accounting needs and has played a big part in converting our business from a husband and wife partnership to a rather…

  • Tony & Julie Downman
    Elevate Pty Ltd

    Organised Accounting Solutions have managed our books since 2008 and have proved to be an asset to our company. Rodney is always on time with any work he is given and provides us with the most up to date advice in all areas of our business. We can call…
  • Peter Hesse (CPA)
    PDH Accounting Services Pty Ltd


    I have known Rodney since September 2001, and in that time have built up a close professional relationship with Rod.

    I have seen Rod build a dedicated team around him who strive for, and achieve excellence in all services provided.

    Rod’s attention to detail and refusal to settle for second…

  • David Dixon
    Strand Publishing Pty Ltd


    In February 2002 our accounts ‘system’ was a chaotic stack of papers in an archive box.  Working out our GST was like reinventing the wheel every quarter and our tax obligations were as unpredictable as the lottery.

    Our brief to Rodney at OAS was to organise and computerise this mess, so we…


  • Ken Ticehurst – Managing Director KATTRON
    Rodney fulfills his business claim of organising the accounts of a clients business. He has taken control of disorder & produced a much better managed set of accounts for my company. From Excel & MS Money he has introduced Xero cloud accounting where I can view the situation…

  • Matt Moon,
    Moonscape Construction & Garden Design
    I engaged the services of Rodney from Organised Accounting Solutions 10 years ago when I needed assistance in both setting up and running an efficient bookkeeping system for my busy landscaping business located on the Central Coast.
    Up until that point, I was struggling trying to handle the books and…